We are excited to offer classes in art, animation, and more to students of all ages. 

Mon–Fri | Jun 21–Jul 2 | 9am–3pm PT

In this two-week class, students examine how drawings and story come together in the art form of comics. Join us as we explore the history of comics, visual storytelling, characters, and the craft of silent comics. Students will use techniques such as gesture, silhouette, page layout, and story...

Mon–Fri | Jul 5–16 | 9am–3pm PT

Synchronized musical scores have seamlessly blended with cinematic imagery for nearly a century. Whether music has served as inspiration for abstract and experimental sequences or has followed and amplified a narrative, it has become an essential element within the art of animation. Join us in this...

Mon–Fri | Jul 19–30 | 9am–3pm PT

The written word carries immense weight and meaning, especially in the unique art form of poetry. Whether a poem is written in limerick, haiku, or sonnet, words can illustrate an image. In this two-week class, learn about rhythm, typography, and how to visually represent and bring to life the...

Mon–Fri | Jul 19–30 | 9am–3pm PT

From body shape to color scheme and clothing, every piece of a character gives the viewer insight about who they are. Join us for this two-week intensive class as we learn what it takes to design memorable and original characters, diving further into shape language, silhouette, and costume design...

Scholarship Information

Please visit the page of the specific class(es) you would like to attend to view scholarship opportunities and application information. Additionally, even if classes are sold out, scholarships may still be available for students in-need. Visit the page of the class you are interested in for more information. 


Scholarships made possible in part by our corporate sponsors: 


Schedule is subject to change. For the most current schedule of events, please check our website's calendar, or stop by the museum's Ticket Desk on the day of your visit.